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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Prop Alpha studies only work on Sierra Chart?

Yes, currently Sierra Chart is the exclusive platform for utilizing Prop Alpha studies

What products can I trade using Prop Alpha studies?

Prop Alpha Basic studies can only be used for trading ES/NQ/RTY/CL/UB 

Prop Alpha Pro studies can be used on any product available on the Sierra Chart platform but chart and internal study settings for each studies are up to the user to calibrate.

Are there training materials for Prop Alpha studies?

Yes, Educational Videos for each study are available on #education in the Theta Warrior Discord

Does Prop Alpha have a discord community? 

Prop Alpha has #general-chat, #help-desk, #education and #chartbooks channels inside the Theta Warrior Elite public discord.

How can I get help with setup issues or study related questions?

Email Prop Alpha at or open a helpdesk ticket in the Theta Warrior Elite public Discord #prop-alpha-helpdesk channel.

Can Prop Alpha help me pass my prop firm trading evaluation?

Members have created custom signals and deployed strategies that have passed trading evaluations, but results are based on individual research and signals.

Does Prop Alpha provide ready to use chartbooks?

Yes, Chartbooks for both Prop Alpha Basic and Prop Alpha Pro can be found in the Theta Warrior Elite public Discord #chartbooks channel.

Why do my live trading results not reflect my backtest performance?

Many variables can cause live trading results to diverge from backtested data, such as overfitting, lookahead bias and novel market conditions.  Results from backtesting are in no way a guarantee of live trading performance

Who is Theta Warrior and what is the Theta Warrior Elite Discord?

The Theta Warrior is a trader who leverages both technical analysis, market flows and options data to accurately time market entries and exits. Theta Warrior is the lead trader for both Prop Alpha and the Theta Warrior Elite Discord, where he and his team provide trade ideas, trade alerts and market commentary for Futures, Stocks & Crypto. 

You can learn more about the Theta Warrior here

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